I have been commissioned to exclusively pageant coach ( in all areas of competition) Miss Sri Lanka for the title of Miss Universe! She arrives in Kansas City from Sri Lanka on Thursday, August 18th and will depart Kansas City to begin competition on August 23rd in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  

I will leave to attend the Miss Universe Pageant in Sao Paulo, Brazil in September 2011. The Miss Universe Pageant will be televised live on NBC on September 12, 2011. You will see me there in the audience as you are watching the pageant on TV!!!

This is an extreme and huge honor for me, a Kansas City native and recognized as the most successful and most winning coach in the entire world!!! You cannot get higher in the pageantry world than the Miss Universe level. I am thrilled with all of the accolades and for your continued support.

Pageant Coaching with Lorenzo
An Important Message
If you wish to take note of my winners and successes, please go to my website lorenzothepageantcoach.com or email me at coachpageants@yahoo.com. Any well wishes and comments are appreciated. 

I will be pageant coaching internationally a lot more and yet continuing my pageant coaching locally and across the country. I am always seeking serious contestants to coach! In addition to pageant coaching, I can be found judging, choreographing and the emcee for pageants worldwide. I love my work!!!


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Pageant Coaching with Lorenzo